Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Drops of Blood

Drops of blood fall on the table
She puts the needle and fabric down, and puts on a band-aide
Her third one for the night
It’s late
She’s practically seeing double
Stopping isn’t an option
Her daughter needs the dress for her recital in the morning
She’s a mother
Her job is to insure her daughter has all she needs
She’ll be thanked for the dress
Not the time
She looks at the clock, 1:00am
Eight more hours till the recital

Monday, April 1, 2019

Beautiful Girl

I’ve been told I’m a child of God
I’ve also been told I ain’t nothing special
Some days I don’t know who to believe
My birthday’s in a week
I’ll be eight
Mama asks me what I want
She don’t look to happy when I told her I want a pretty blond haired doll
Please. Please. Please.
She takes a big gulp from her coffee mug and sends me to bed
I know she had other ideas and there wasn’t no use trying to get her to change her mind
When my birthday came
Mama got me a book of fairy tales and a doll that looked like me
The doll was pale with bright orange hair and freckles painted on her nose
The orange hair made her look ugly
I was upset and angry until Mama read me the card that came with it.
My sweet Agatha
I made this doll for you, and just like you she’s beautiful in every way.
Your smile brightens my days. Your laughter fills my world with joy.
Go out and spread joy to the world,
Love, Mama