Sunday, May 14, 2017

On Scraped Knees

On scraped knees she walks to Our Lady
Rain furiously beats down on her
No umbrella in her hand
Just a crumpled up piece of paper
A paper that holds an intention so dear to her heart
Rain soaks her skin, but it doesn't hide her tears
She approaches Mary with sadness as she places her prayer intention in the box
Looking up from her fog, she stares at Mary
Mary, so beautiful and pure with her sweet smile
Worry fades
Peace begins to move in
A stranger walks past her and puts a rosary in her hand
She clutches the rosary and kisses the beads
As she gets up on her feet, she begins a prayer she hasn't said in nearly a decade
Words to the prayers she believed long gone from memory came flooding back
With each prayer, her heart softens
Peace lifts her and a smile appears

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Nearly 100 Years

It's been nearly 100 yrs since
The Son's moon came to visit the little shepherds
How I wish I was there
At least to see the sun dance
The beautiful lady from the sky
came to ask for prayers, conversion, peace
Have I honored this requests today?
And if I have can I/ will I practice these each day?