Tuesday, November 28, 2017


We are part of a kingdom
The wealthiest of all cloaked in rags
So many are fooled by the rags, so they mock it
Those obedient know that sewed into the rags are jewels
Upon entering the court you are given a jewel to keep for all eternity
I want that jewel so each day I strive to serve my King
So that I may find favor with Him

Cold November

The November cold won't shake off her
How she wanted to stay in her bed and sleep where it's cozy
The thought of not going crossed her mind
I don't need to go
There are others there, so really I'm not needed
But then the Holy Spirit taps her on the shoulder
Time to get up
As she walks in the cold adoration chapel, she shivers
She moves closer to the candles
The warmth and the light surrounded her like a blanket
In the warm peacefulness of her Father's house
She sleeps in His loving embrace

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saintly Aspirations

I was twelve when I learned about saints
My Catholic friend, Beth told me all about them
Hearing stories about Joan of Arc, St. Michael, St. Hildegard, and St. Patrick were inspiring
I wanted to be on the battlefield with St. Joan
Chasing snakes out of Ireland like St. Patrick
Writing songs like St. Hildegard
On my thirteenth birthday, I announced my intentions to become one
My "spiritual, but not religious" parents laughed
My brother thought I was crazy
My grandmother told me in order to be a saint, you had to be a martyr or a nun
Beth was different
She hugged me and gave me a book on the Little Flower
You don't have to die for Jesus, but you do have to live each day for him