Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Phone Call

My dad randomly called me from his apartment

"I missed my calling."

His life revolves around Netflix and how others can feed him

"Have you seen Hell on Wheels?"

He recently acquired a Netflix account

Paid someone to install it for him with beer

For the record, I have seen Hell on Wheels. Told him about it years ago. 

At the time of my declaration, he was more interested in watching inmates tattoo their eyeballs

His missed calling was a park ranger in New Hampshire. The man with monogrammed underwear and manicures

I laughed

I pay attention to his ridiculousness

He ignores my connection attemps

Monday, April 26, 2021

Sleeping St. Joseph

 So there's a famous statue of the sleeping St. Joseph. People often ask St. Joseph for prayers that truths would reveal themselves in dreans.

Who wouldn't won't that? Problem solved while sleeping

When I wake after maybe two hours of uninterrupted sleep, or a full night of tossing and turning nothing is revealed to me.

That's not the whole truth. Anxiety is often revealed

Maybe there's a recipe?

While kneeling ask St Joseph for prayers

Cup of chamomile tea

Lavender essential oil to calm the senses

Light off by 10:30

If not asleep by 11, pray the rosary

Wake up refreshed with an answer.

I should try this, what could it hurt?

The only problem I have is the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

In Praise of Depression

 Late night binge watching

Afternoon naps

Day drinking

Midnight coffee

Counting calories- not today Satan

Leggings never feltso good 

No make-up=zit free face

Reading only one page in a novel

Staring at stars for hours, with thoughts

Thoughts that take you anywhere

But where you are

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 Local coffee shop, the owner wants to know all by name, in this sterile world its refreshing. During a pandemic, and the masks don't exist. Hunan contact is the real currency of this place. Across the way, a fast food restaurant, their coffee is descent, but does the person want or care to know your name? There it's all about margins and spreadsheets. Humanity could fade away as long as the money comes in.

Tucked Away

 Tucked away, that's what she called it

Why would you tuck yourself away from the world like that?

At 5:00am I wake

Dressing is a prayer


Breakfast in silence while we are being read to

Work, each of us has a task and mine is cleaning the kitchen


Playing cards with the other sisters

Spiritual reading



No distractions from the outside world

In our simple life we draw closer to Jesus

Our sacrifices are pleasing

Our days are joyful

I often wonder, if I'm tucked away from the world, is the world tucked away from God?

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Beautiful Girl



I’ve been told I’m a child of God

I’ve also been told I ain’t nothing special

Some days I don’t know who to believe

My birthday’s in a week

I’ll be eight

Mama asks me what I want

She don’t look to happy when I told her I want a pretty blond haired doll

Please. Please. Please.

She takes a big gulp from her coffee mug and sends me to bed

I know she had other ideas and there wasn’t no use trying to get her to change her mind

When my birthday came

Mama got me a book of fairy tales and a doll that looked like me

The doll was pale with bright orange hair and freckles painted on her nose

The orange hair made her look ugly

I was upset and angry until Mama read me the card that came with it.

My sweet Agatha

I made this doll for you, and just like you she’s beautiful in every way.

Your smile brightens my days. Your laughter fills my world with joy.

Go out and spread joy to the world,

Love, Mama

Saturday, March 13, 2021